A three year journey.
CHEP is a subsidiary of Brambles Limited, a publicly traded company on the Australian Stock Exchange.  A global leader in supply chain logistics, CHEP pallets and containers enable manufacturers, growers and retailers to trade more efficiently and sustainably. This case shares how Wider Lens helped CHEP become a greater version of themselves.
A transformational business strategy.
We counseled CHEP to transform its product offering from physical pallets and containers to a portfolio of consultative supply chain solutions focused on the manufacturing, transporting and merchandising of goods. Program socialization, product development, localization and the creation of marketing assets were led by Wider Lens.
More than 30 CHEP supply chain solutions are currently in market around the world.  A global iconography system was instituted to codify the new portfolio and bring added significance to the unique offering.
Value propositions, messaging hierarchies and a visual design system were developed for all solutions within the new portfolio.
A new promise to the world.
CHEP’s supply chain solutions enable businesses to achieve their profitability and sustainability goals, without compromising one for the other.  We advised CHEP to leverage their unique value proposition and develop a suite of brand assets to communicate its higher value to customers, prospects and employees.
CHEP’s unique business model pioneered the convergence of the circular and shared economy in 1957.  For decades, CHEP articulated its differentiating business model as “pooling”.  Today, they call it sharing and reusing.
Brand stories applaud how companies are serving their business and humanity,
by choosing to share and reuse CHEP platforms.
A Brand Book defining how CHEP empowers customers to achieve “profit and planet” resides in offices to be shared and reused by employees.