Wider Lens is a boutique brand innovation firm with offices in New York and London
and a client retreat in the country. Our leaders work directly with yours to converge
your best thinking with ours. We are engaged to jump-start growth opportunities
and to solve pressing marketing challenges.
An inside-out knowledge of brands, the C-suite and corporate culture enables us to
quickly co-create solutions that internal stakeholders can lean forward into.
Our benchmark is to introduce innovation in-market, not in-document.
Our people employ an urge to innovate within classically trained problem solving
techniques. We provide the greatest value to business leaders who are looking to drive
top-line growth and whose instincts are pointing towards a market opportunity.
We are extremely fast problem solvers who place a premium on velocity and efficiency.
Ideas have a half-life and opportunities disappear. We get you from here to there in half
the time it takes others.